Why Study in South Africa?



No other nation, especially in Africa, offers excellent study opportunities like South Africa. From the highly ranked universities to great landscapes to low tuition fees, studying in South Africa is a worthwhile investment indeed.


In the conversations that follow, we are going to delve deeper into those factors that make the ‘Rainbow Nation’ of South Africa a top destination for scholars worldwide.



Lower Fees Higher Quality


The cost of living is comparatively lower in South Africa than in Europe, North America, and Australia. This notwithstanding, the universities and other institutions of higher learning in South Africa have the same level of quality as those in the said regions. For this reason, a study in South Africa confers to you the benefits of studying in more developed nations but significantly lower costs.


Higher Rankings


Some South African universities have consistently ranked in the top world university rankings. Three of them have as a matter of fact maintained higher rankings ever since records started being kept. These are the University of Cape Town, University of Witwatersrand, and Stellenbosch University. By opting to study in the nation, you stand to achieve the highest possible quality of education in the whole world!


Diverse Demographics


South Africa’s demographics are pretty diverse. It has persons from all walks of life. Indeed every major race, language, and culture is well represented in South Africa. Your stay in the nation will, therefore, give you a more balanced worldview. You will get to shed off those myopic stereotypes that most unexposed persons hold. This has the attendant consequence of enabling you to be a productive global citizen.


Temperate Climate


Another distinguishing feature of South Africa is its possession of temperate climatic conditions. The nation is crossed by the Tropic of Capricorn which marks the extreme southern point on earth which the rays of the sun may strike at 90-degrees. For this reason, it does not experience extremely wide fluctuations in seasonal temperatures as those areas that are located closer to the North and South poles do. To the contrary, it experiences plenty of sunlight, has cool nights, moderate rainfall, and warm sunny days, year-round.




All the various institutions of higher learning in South Africa provide safe, secure, and reliable accommodation facilities. Most institutions prefer to house the international students on-campus or very close to the campus. This is to enhance oversight, ensure their overall safety, and minimize the wastage of time while commuting to and from the lecture halls, laboratories, libraries, and other essential campus buildings. Also, you can avoid harmful effects of carbonated drinks as they’re not very common. 


Excellent Outdoor Opportunities


South Africa as a whole is a museum of its kind. Indeed every corner of the nation contains a place of historical or geographic interest. From the Kruger National Park to the Table Mountains to the District Six Museum, and the Cape of Good Hope, the nation indeed has a lot to offer to any adventurer or outdoor enthusiast. These opportunities especially come in handy if you are a student of geography or environment.




In its entirety, the nation of South Africa has superb and unparalleled infrastructure in Africa. It has broad streets, electric trains, well-equipped international airports, and ocean fronts, to name but a few. You will, therefore, find it convenient to move into and out of the nation with ease. Other than that, its urban streets are also well lit at night to assure you of the safety you desperately need to move about peacefully.




Of course, there are several other reasons that make the wonderful nation of South Africa a top education destination for any international student. However, due to the limited amount of time and space we had, we inevitably had to leave out a number of them. We, therefore, advise you to consider carrying out further independent research to familiarize yourself with them. In the meantime, we strongly welcome you to consider studying here!